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    Revolutionizing Wellness Experiences in Atlanta – Launching July 2024

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A New Vision for Health and Wellness Discovery

Breathe is founded on the belief that discovering health and wellness experiences in one’s city should be seamless, personalized, and enriching. In partnership with Cumulus, we aim to revolutionize the way individuals connect with wellness activities, events, and communities in Atlanta. Our mission is to become the go-to resource for discovering and exploring the best wellness offerings in US cities and to promote a holistic and healthy lifestyle for all.

Why Atlanta?

The Perfect City for Wellness

“For our employees, Atlanta offers all the things that matter to us outside of work such as a strong quality of life, terrific schools, and wonderful cultural and recreational activities.”

– Stephen Cannon, Former Chief Executive Officer of Mercedes-Benz USA

Our 2024 Programs

Our 2024 programming is designed to revolutionize wellness in Atlanta by providing residents and businesses with unique opportunities to engage in health and wellness activities. These programs aim to foster a sense of community, promote holistic well-being, and showcase Atlanta as a leading city for wellness. Businesses will benefit from increased brand visibility and the chance to connect with a health-conscious audience, while residents will enjoy access to exclusive events, expert insights, and new wellness trends.

  • ViBall

    Introducing the new tennis game sweeping Miami and Los Angeles, with monthly sessions in Atlanta. This innovative sport promotes fitness and fun, offering businesses a chance to sponsor events and engage with active, health-conscious individuals.

  • Padel Playhouse

    Monthly series introducing residents to the sport of padel, gaining popularity in elite communities. Businesses can leverage these events for branding opportunities, while residents discover and enjoy a new, exciting sport.

  • Wellness Odyssey

    Monthly wellness days hosted by celebrities and influencers, blending fun, fitness, and holistic activities. Businesses can sponsor or participate, gaining exposure to a targeted audience, while residents enjoy a full day of enriching experiences.

  • Blossom Talks

    Inspiring talks featuring wellness experts like Maria Sosa, thought leaders, and influencers covering a range of wellness topics. These sessions will empower attendees with knowledge and motivation to enhance their well-being.

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We believe there is no better time than now to highlight what makes Atlanta one of the healthiest cities in America. Through original programming and exclusive events, we aim to create a vibrant wellness community in Atlanta.

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