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Join Us in a Celebration of Fashion, Art, and Social Impact with Shantall’s latest release Biloho SS24 

Join us for an exclusive and intimate gathering hosted by SHANTALL, featuring the latest collection inspired by Salvador Dali’s Barcelona Mannequin. This elegant cocktail event will bring together 70-90 prominent personalities, influencers, buyers, and tastemakers from the fashion and art worlds. Set in a sophisticated and immersive atmosphere, this event aims to showcase the groundbreaking creations of Shantall Lacayo while fostering meaningful connections within the industry.

The purpose of this gathering is to celebrate the artistry and craftsmanship of SHANTALL’s latest collection, provide a platform for networking among elite fashion professionals, and highlight our partnership with XtraOrdinary Women (XOW), an organization dedicated to empowering disadvantaged women in Nicaragua.

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LOCATION: Miami, FL  DATE: October ’24

  • Celebration of Creativity

    This intimate gathering promises to be a celebration of creativity, artistry, and high fashion, offering attendees a unique opportunity to explore the latest SHANTALL collection in a truly immersive setting.

  • Exhibition Pieces

    Custom-made, tailored pieces that are designed to be both wearable art and fashion statements. These pieces highlight intricate details, bold colors, and unique embellishments, reflecting the surrealist influence of Salvador Dali.

  • Immersive Art Experience

    Expect to be transported into a world where art and fashion collide, creating an unforgettable and visually stunning experience.

  • Inspired by Salvador Dali

    The event takes inspiration from the surreal and captivating world of Salvador Dali’s Barcelona Mannequin. This theme embodies the dreamlike and imaginative qualities that Dali is renowned for, blending elements of surrealism with high fashion.

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Breathe Why Now?

Join us at an exclusive moment in fashion history as SHANTALL, fresh off her Project Runway Season 19 win, unveils her latest collection inspired by Salvador Dali’s Barcelona Mannequin. This event highlights Shantall Lacayo’s innovative designs and her commitment to slow fashion, emphasizing sustainability, quality, and ethical production. By sponsoring and attending, you will engage with elite influencers and industry leaders, while supporting a pivotal movement towards responsible fashion. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a transformative event that blends art, fashion, and sustainability.

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Shantall’s newest collection, inspired by Salvador Dali’s Barcelona Mannequin, is a masterful blend of art and fashion. Each piece is meticulously crafted, custom-made, and tailored to reflect the surrealist influence of Dali, offering a unique and unforgettable aesthetic. This collection is not only a testament to Shantall’s creative prowess but also a rare opportunity for attendees to experience and acquire bespoke, high-quality designs that stand apart from the fast fashion trends.

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Becoming a sponsor for this exclusive event offers unparalleled opportunities for brand exposure and engagement. As the title sponsor or a category sponsor, your brand will be integrated into content that will generate millions of earned media impressions, paid social impressions, and video views. This alignment with Shantall Lacayo’s innovative and sustainable fashion will elevate your brand’s visibility and prestige. Engage directly with elite influencers, industry leaders, and a select audience, all while supporting a transformative movement in the fashion industry. Don’t miss this chance to enhance your brand’s image and reach through this exclusive content series.

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Don’t miss this unique opportunity to celebrate Shantall Lacayo’s success and be part of the slow fashion movement.