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SPF & Padel

This partnership centered around the “SPF & Padel” event, a dynamic activation integrating Neutrogena’s new Sport Face Oil-Free Sun Protection with the fast-growing sport of padel.

Campaign Overview

For 34 weeks, Breathe Media has curated the Padel Playhouse series, blending top-tier influencers, wellness experts, and the vibrant padel community. This special edition, SPF & Padel, not only promoted Neutrogena’s new sunscreen but also emphasized sun safety through expert-led sessions and engaging experiences.

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Increase awareness of Melanoma Awareness Month and launch Neutrogena’s #1 sun care product.


Engage sports enthusiasts and wellness-focused individuals in Miami, showcasing the critical importance of sun protection in outdoor activities.

Breathe Robin Thicke A Look Inside the Day

This Melanoma Awareness month, Neutrogena® wants to ensure SPF becomes your #NeuBff, so your skin can stay protected as you enjoy your favorite outdoor activities. Join us for an exclusive, event that promises not just a game of padel but a celebration of sun-protection, wellness, and community connections. Spots are filling up fast, so sign up now to secure your participation.

What’s Provided:

  • Neutrogena® Sport Active Defense Sunscreen
  • A high quality padel racquet (take home gift)
  • Hydration and refreshing drinks to keep you energized throughout the event; bar.
  • Complimentary towels for use during the cold plunge and after your padel session.
  • Additional equipment to enhance your playing experience.
  • Expert pros with awesome attitudes to guide and inspire you every step of the way!
  • Showers and changing rooms.

What to Bring:

  • Your vibes!!
  • Sports attire suitable for physical activity, along with tennis shoes (avoid shoes with high heels).
  • Don’t forget your bathing suit if you’re planning to take a dip in the cold plunge!

Event Schedule

2:30 PM – Arrival & Warm Welcome
Be greeted by our enthusiastic Breathe ambassadors at the Neutrogena-themed entrance. Check in, and let the adventure begin:

  • Neutrogena Welcome Kit: Receive an exclusive Neutrogena Sport Active Defense Screen and a high-quality padel racquet, upon registration.
  • Sunscreen & Social Station: Visit the Neutrogena® Sunscreen Station. Remember, SPF is your #NeuBff, specially before starting an outdoor game day.

2:45 PM – Opening Remarks
The Neutrogena® team will share insights into the importance of sun protection during outdoor activities and introduce you to the innovative features of the new Sport Active Defense Sunscreen. 

3:00 PM – On-Court Action

  • Beginners and Advanced Players: Split into groups based on skill level to start your padel experience. Coaches will guide you through the nuances of the game, ensuring everyone from beginners to pros finds their stride.

3:45 PM – Interactive Mix and Mingle

  • Meet & Spray: Reapply Neutrogena® sunscreen as needed at the Sunscreen Stations adjacent to the courts. It’s a chance to chat, relax, and ensure you’re fully protected for the rest of the event.
  • Photo Spots: Capture your sunscreen moments at our themed photo booths—share the fun using our event hashtag #NeuBff.

4:15 PM – Refresh & Rejuvenate

  • Chill at the Bar: Enjoy our selection of refreshing beverages and healthy bites.
  • Cool Down: Take a moment for a cold plunge or participate in a guided breathwork session to recenter.

4:45 PM – Event Wrap-Up and Reflection
Join us for a closing circle to share your experiences and the connections you’ve made. Collect a Neutrogena gift bag as a token of our appreciation, packed with goodies to keep your skin protected and feeling great.

What is Breathe?

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