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Leveraging Breathe’s Network for Impactful Influencer Content and Live Experiences in the U.S. Hispanic Market

What is Breathe?

Breathe is a two-sided marketplace for wellness content and experiences that leverages data-driven insights and influencer recommendations. 

We are an immersive content experience for users and we enable creators to expand their reach and monetize their unique health & wellness events. 

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In a $1.8 trillion wellness market filled with fleeting fads, from cold plunges to collagen, today’s consumers are shifting their approach. They’re moving from trial-and-error with the latest trends to a more discerning, science-focused inquiry: “What does the science say?” This pivotal change highlights the growing demand for wellness experiences that are not only trendy but also backed by credible research.

  • Welltech in Motion

    Art Basel Event that introduced attendees the fast growing sport of padel and biohacking

  • Padel Playhouse

    A monthly series in Miami, Los Angeles, Atlanta, San Francisco, NY, and Austin that introduces health-conscious consumers to the exciting sport of padel combined with recovery & rejuvenation.

  • Breathe LA

    Curating the best experiences that get your body moving, nourish the mind, and uplift the soul.

  • Breathe Miami

    Curating the best experiences that get your body moving, nourish the mind, and uplift the soul.

  • South Pointe Beach: A Sunrise-to-Lunch Fitness Itinerary with Tanner Kain

    Join Tanner Kain for a transformative fitness itinerary at South Pointe Beach, featuring sunrise cardio, breathwork, and wellness activities.

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Underlying Magic


Focus on user’s top interests, their activity, and interactions with content. Consumers find itineraries, insightful interviews and share dialogue.

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Attended a previous event, purchase a ticket or announcing their plans to attend it with an update.


Rich cultural and wellness offerings of each city, showcasing the hidden gems and unique experiences that may not be widely promoted.

Cross-Platform Media

Cross-platform media operation to gather data on what the community of urban users would like to do next for their wellness journey. 

Breathe offers a comprehensive suite of turnkey solutions for PR placement, influencer content creation and live experiences, leveraging its vast network of health and wellness experts to produce content and events that resonate deeply with the Hispanic market. Breathe amplifies these efforts, ensuring wide visibility across digital platforms and social media, enhancing brand presence and engagement. Collaborating with CCOMGROUP, Breathe aims to forge strategic partnerships that align with shared goals, facilitating co-branded initiatives and joint ventures that drive mutual growth and community impact in the wellness sector.


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Explore our curated opportunities for collaboration, designed to amplify your brand through targeted influencer partnerships and dynamic live wellness experiences.

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