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Wellness Odyssey

The “Wellness Odyssey” is a groundbreaking series of luxury wellness retreats, starting in the scenic vistas of Palm Springs.

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LOCATION: Palm Springs, CA  DATE: April 16-22, 2024

  • Get the Body Moving

    Guests will pre-select their preferred activity from volleyball, tennis, yoga, or a HIIT workout, engaging in:

  • Yoga, Sound & Innerdance

    Innerdance is an energetic process where the participants are invited to lay down in sivasana, the traditional yoga posture at the end of a class… and yet, this is where the innerdance begins.

  • Dive into Rejuvenation

    The luxurious pool, serving as the centerpiece for cold plunges followed by warm relaxation in the Jacuzzi, alongside the curated bar offering refreshing cocktails.

  • Longevity Protocol

    With an atmosphere that primes the body for rejuvenation, you can enjoy Ozone Therapy, NAD+, and a high dose of Stem Cells and Exosomes

  • Cold Plunge

    Post-activity, guests are invited to try contrast therapy with hot & cold plunge.

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Breathe Why Now?

In a $1.8 trillion wellness market filled with fleeting fads, from cold plunges to collagen, today’s consumers are shifting their approach. They’re moving from trial-and-error with the latest trends to a more discerning, science-focused inquiry: “What does the science say?” This pivotal change highlights the growing demand for wellness experiences that are not only trendy but also backed by credible research.

Breathe Opportunities to Get Involved

Our theme celebrates the exploration of innovative wellness experiences that unite individuals on their journey to better health and fulfillment. It sets the narrative that will fuel each video and article before, during, and following the experience, ensuring widespread viewership. The  compelling video content is designed to engage audiences across platforms. 

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Own the entire experience, from digital and social platforms to the captivating live event.

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  • Elevate Your Brand to the Pinnacle of Wellness

    Premier branding opportunities at the event venue

  • Forge Deep Connections with Influential Audiences

    Opportunity to co-create content with celebrities and influencers.

  • Engagement & Impact

    Interactive brand activations that leave lasting impressions on a discerning audience.

  • Immerse in the Magic of the Live Event

    Exclusive access to engage with guests, offering unique brand experiences.

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Don’t miss your chance to be part of this pioneering journey. Spots are limited, and the opportunity to shape the future of wellness is now.

Co-created Content:
Engage in the creation of multi-media content that will be distributed across our owned and operated media network assets as well as through influencer channels, reaching an audience of over 15,000,000 fans.
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Celebrity Engagement:
Align with a significant movement where celebrities play a crucial role in raising awareness and fostering community around wellness. These celebrities bring their unique reach and voice to the table, helping to unite people from various backgrounds in a shared journey towards health and connection.
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With limited sponsorship slots, your brand will stand out in a carefully curated, impactful setting.
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What is Breathe?

Breathe is a premier marketplace for health and wellness experiences, connecting communities with influential experts across disciplines like yoga, nutrition, and biohacking. With 400 experts, 15 million followers, and 3 million weekly video views, Breathe is at the forefront of curating exclusive events that foster unique wellness journeys in cities across the U.S.

  • Welltech in Motion

    Art Basel Event that introduced attendees the fast growing sport of padel and biohacking

  • Padel Playhouse

    A monthly series in Miami, Los Angeles, Atlanta, San Francisco, NY, and Austin that introduces health-conscious consumers to the exciting sport of padel combined with recovery & rejuvenation.

  • Breathe LA

    Curating the best experiences that get your body moving, nourish the mind, and uplift the soul.

  • Breathe Miami

    Curating the best experiences that get your body moving, nourish the mind, and uplift the soul.

  • South Pointe Beach: A Sunrise-to-Lunch Fitness Itinerary with Tanner Kain

    Join Tanner Kain for a transformative fitness itinerary at South Pointe Beach, featuring sunrise cardio, breathwork, and wellness activities.

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The “Thicke & Friends Wellness Odyssey” is more than an event; it’s a movement. With the spotlight on wellness and community, sponsoring this Breathe Original offers your brand a unique platform to resonate with values of health, luxury, and connection.

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