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What is Breathe?

Breathe is a premier marketplace for health and wellness experiences, connecting communities with influential experts across disciplines like yoga, nutrition, and biohacking. With 400 experts, 15 million followers, and 3 million weekly video views, Breathe is at the forefront of curating exclusive events that foster unique wellness journeys in cities across the U.S..

  • Welltech in Motion

    Art Basel Event that introduced attendees the fast growing sport of padel and biohacking

  • Padel Playhouse

    A monthly series in Miami, Los Angeles, Atlanta, San Francisco, NY, and Austin that introduces health-conscious consumers to the exciting sport of padel combined with recovery & rejuvenation.

  • Breathe LA

    Curating the best experiences that get your body moving, nourish the mind, and uplift the soul.

  • Breathe Miami

    Curating the best experiences that get your body moving, nourish the mind, and uplift the soul.

  • South Pointe Beach: A Sunrise-to-Lunch Fitness Itinerary with Tanner Kain

    Join Tanner Kain for a transformative fitness itinerary at South Pointe Beach, featuring sunrise cardio, breathwork, and wellness activities.

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Breathe has been collecting millions of data points across all of Breathe’s channels on what people like and don’t like throughout health and wellness experiences. This proprietary data not only includes what events people are buying tickets for, but also what they are browsing, showing interest in, or adding to cart. 
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Implement a content series and live program through a range of experiences, from VO2 performance testing to pilates to padel to HIIT workouts. Along the way we capture unforgettable moments through video content, integrating Heineken 0.0 seamlessly into the Breathe local communities

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We believe that together, we can create remarkable experiences that resonate with a health-conscious audience, amplifying your brand’s message of responsible enjoyment and well-being.